This is the homepage of Merlin the Wizard. Merlin stands for My Effortlessly Repeatable LogIN.

What Merlin can do for you is to control WebPages (on your behalf), so that with one click you can sign yourself into your bank account, chat room or forum, etc.


Merlin's Mission

WebSites place obstacles in their "Logging-in paths" in order to prevent unauthorised hackers. Unfortunately these obstacles also hinder those with authorised access.

It is a fact of life.

Merlin is a white wizard, not a black one. Merlin's mission is simply to automatically fill-in all Username and Password boxes, and to navigate all other obstacles, on behalf of an authorised user (and the authorised user only!).

It's a kind of magic in some respects, however Merlin needs to know the appropriate passwords and passcodes in order to work. Therefore Merlin is useless to hackers. And furthermore, since he doesn't actually operate the Internet himself, he does not posses the ability to broadcast any secrets you entrust to him.

He keeps all these secrets safely locked up in a encrypted and password-protected local database, only opening this vault - and using the information - when you ask him to sign you in.

Many people say that Browser 'Cookies' (or the Browsers themselves) can do the same job as Merlin. This is not true in many cases. Merlin can handle many situations that Browsers and Cookies cannot. See More information.

About Merlin himself

Merlin is a Shareware product. That means he comes at an affordable price. He was designed to be a useful addition to anyone's collection of Internet tools, not to drain their bank account.

The reason for this is that most people will only find his magic useful in a few situations - logging into to their bank account, their favourite chat room, forum or on-line shopping centre, etc. Others may have more reasons (for example WebMasters).

Contact Information

Support is free to Registered Users of Merlin the Wizard, however we can only provide it on a world-wide basis via e-mail. Please use the Feedback Form for any questions and queries relating to Merlin.

Merlin the Wizard was entirely written in a computer language called Clarion for Windows.

If you are a Programmer, and would like to find out more about a better language for writing Windows Applications than Visual C++ or Visual BASIC (or if you would just like to be a Computer Programmer), then find out more by visiting the Clarion WebRing ...